REST API Versioning: URI and Media Type-Header Versioning Strategies

What are the best strategies to implement REST API versioning? URI and Media Type-Header Versioning Strategies and Examples When considering REST API Versioning strategy , there are few different options… Read more
restful api-HATEOAS

HATEOAS and Hypermedia Aware Services And Clients :REST

In this article we discuss HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State) Rest constraint and some HATEOAS example and HATEOAS Json representations of embedded hypermedia.Jersey currently supports HATEOAS and… Read more

Design Considerations: When Should We Use JSON instead of XML as Data-interchange Format?

As we know, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight and text based data-interchange format that is used frequently replacing XML. The question is, when should we consider JSON instead… Read more
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