How to Fix : No name matching localhost found

How to Fix the exception ” No name matching localhost found”, when client uses URL with “localhost” as host name to access some secure service over HTTPS? In this… Read more

Logging or Tracing Web Service XML Request/Response with JAX-WS

How to Log Request and Response With Java JAX-WS web-service Server and Client? We have discussed many examples to develop secure web services with JAX-WS API and using the Metro… Read more
jax-ws usernametoken example

Secure Metro JAX-WS UsernameToken Web Service with Signature, Encryption and TLS (SSL)

Java Web Services Security: How to Secure JAX-WS UsernameToken Web Service with Signature, Encryption and TLS (SSL) Securing the data exchanged between web service producers and consumers is essential to… Read more
jax-ws web services encryption signature java

JAX-WS Secure Web Services with Signatures and Encryption: WS-Security with Metro and WSIT

Java Web Services: Create Secure JAX-WS Metro Web Service Signed and Encrypted Using Public-Key Cryptography Asymmetric Encryption Security is the primary concern when web services exchange critical business data. WS-Security… Read more
jax-ws usernametoken example

JAX-WS and Secure Java Web Services using UsernameToken : WS-Security with Metro and WSIT

JAX-WS and Secure Java Web Services using UsernameToken: WS-Security with Metro and WSIT Example This tutorial focuses on creating secure JAX-WS web service with UsernameToken WS-Security profile by using Metro… Read more

JAX-WS Attachment – Enable MTOM for JAX-WS Web services

JAX-WS with Attachment – MTOM , XOP and Java Web Service Example using JAX-WS In this MTOM JAX-WS tutorial, we discuss how to use MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) with… Read more

SOAP Binding: Difference between Document and RPC Style Web Services

A Tutorial on RPC Vs Document Style WSDL SOAP binding with Example Table of Contents Basics: Document Style Vs RPC Style What is SOAP Encoding and Literal? Learn by doing:… Read more
JAX-WS Web Services and Clients

Java JAX-WS Tutorial: Develop Web Services and Clients (Consumers) Using JAX-WS

Java JAX-WS Tutorial to Develop your First Web Service Using JAX-WS API, Eclipse, wsimport and wsgen Tools without using JEE Containers. This article gives an introduction and quick start guide… Read more

JSF Page Forward vs. Page Redirect: URL Doesn’t Refresh and Is One Step Behind

The Problem: URL Doesn’t Refresh. URL Always One Step Behind You are working with a JSF application and seeing the URL that appears in the browser’s navigation bar is always… Read more

Eclipse IDE Error : Access restriction: The type Provider is not accessible due to restriction on required library

This is a common error occurs when you use any deprecated library in Eclipse IDE project settings.The reason behind this error can be, Classpath conflict. Using old versions of jre/libs… Read more
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