java Threads -Intel Hyperthreading

Java Memory Model, MultiThreading, Thread Priorities, Concurrency and Parallelism

Understanding MultiThreading In Java The semantics of multithreaded programs and the rules that says how the values may be seen by a read of shared memory that is updated by… Read more
zookeeper explained Globinch java

Apache Zookeeper Explained: Tutorial, Use Cases and Zookeeper Java API Examples

Explaining Apache Zookeeper Apache Zookeeper is a highly consistent, scalable and reliable cluster co-ordination service. ZooKeeper itself is a distributed service that is ideal for Configuration management, Naming service, providing… Read more

REST API Versioning: URI and Media Type-Header Versioning Strategies

What are the best strategies to implement REST API versioning? URI and Media Type-Header Versioning Strategies and Examples When considering REST API Versioning strategy , there are few different options… Read more
restful api-HATEOAS

HATEOAS and Hypermedia Aware Services And Clients :REST

In this article we discuss HATEOAS (Hypermedia as the Engine of Application State) Rest constraint and some HATEOAS example and HATEOAS Json representations of embedded hypermedia.Jersey currently supports HATEOAS and… Read more
java pkix path building validation

How To Fix: PKIX Path Building Failed (Validation) :

How To Fix Error : PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target You could get the error “PKIX path building failed” validation… Read more

Strategy Design Pattern and Single Responsibility and Open-Closed Principles

Strategy design pattern is widely implemented to achieve interchangeable algorithmic behavior at runtime. As we know strategy pattern uses aggregation or composition instead of inheritance. It is a behavioral design… Read more

Factory Design Patterns and Open-Closed Principle (OCP), the ‘O’ in SOLID

Factory Design patterns are Creational patterns and deals with how the objects are created. There are three design patterns, namely, Simple Factory, Factory Method and Abstract Factory design patterns. All… Read more
JAX-WS exception fault handling example

JAX-WS Exceptions and Faults: Annotation, Exception and Fault Handling Examples

JAX-WS exception and SOAP fault handling sometimes confuses a Java programmer. This article explains the handling of JAX-WS exceptions and SOAP Fault with examples. Here, we also check some of… Read more

Design Considerations: When Should We Use JSON instead of XML as Data-interchange Format?

As we know, JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight and text based data-interchange format that is used frequently replacing XML. The question is, when should we consider JSON instead… Read more

Java Performance – String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder Memory and Runtime Analysis

We normally use many string instances in our applications. As we know String objects are immutable and their values cannot be changed after they are created. If you intend to… Read more
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